Sensational Archive Discovery
Furtwängler conducts Schumann and Beethoven in Luzern 1953

A sensational discovery in the archives of the Lucerne Festival with two of Furtwängler's all-time favourites: a live recording of the Manfred Overture (1953), presumed lost until recently and now released for the very first time, alongside Beethoven's »Eroica« and Schumann's Fourth Symphonies, remastered for the first time using the original tapes.


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It is the desire of many Furtwängler fans to experience the atmosphere and aura of the performances also in the recordings to a maximum extend. This goal serves the SACD with two additional tracks, which will be released February 2018: The atmosphere of Furtwängler's stage appearance and applause, followed by increasing silence of the audience at the beginning of the works create special ambience and the air of a live performance.


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